Carnie's Comments

I get it.  I get why many in our community, especially those involved in competitive swimming, want our new outdoor pool to be a regulation, Olympic size pool.  But I see the other side as well.  

To be honest, I was surprised with the results of our most recent poll on  

The City of Moose Jaw has proposed a new, 25-metre pool which would include a leisure pool, slash pad and a waterslide.  Sounds great, right?  However, the local Kinsmen Flying Fins Swim Club is a proponent of a 50-metre pool.  It's best for training and a pool that size would continue to attract athletes from clubs across the prairies.

Well, our poll found over 46% are in favour of the city's original concept while about 42% say they'd like to see us build a 50-metre pool.

At the heart of it all is money.  Our money.  Taxpayer's money.  It's estimated the Olympic size pool will cost us an additional $2.7 million. 

It strikes me that many of the people pulling for the 50-metre pool will be the same people who our outraged when their property taxes go up...again.