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Did you know you can't buy Alpha-Bits anymore? They've been discontinued.

I learned about this last week when a life coach I follow on social media broke the news to me. Apparently, they weren't selling.

And now you want a bowl, don't you? You can remember how good they tasted. It's human nature.

That got me thinking about a number of things we can't get anymore.

Remember the Bar Six? I loved them. My dad and I used to share them. Sometimes we'd split 'em in half but I'd usually get 4 of the 6 pieces. You can't get them anymore.

True story - my eldest sister, who lives in BC, can't get her favourite Old Dutch Onion 'n Garlic potato chips there. My other sister gets them at a store in Regina and mails them to her. 

She's lucky. She can still get her favourite snack.

I'm over here craving Alpha-Bits and a Bar Six.

The life coach says, "If you're focusing on the things that are missing in your life, you're just going to feel bad so, focus on the things that you do have."

I suppose I could get myself a box of Shreddies and a Kit Kat.