When Madison Erga went to watch her hometown Everett Silvertips play the Moose Jaw Warriors for her birthday on March 1 in Everett, Washington, she never expected she’d be walking away with a souvenir from Jagger Firkus. 

And it all started with a poster. 

Madison’s mom Cassie said her two daughters, with Madison being the youngest, make posters every Silvertips home game for the players and occasionally, they make a funny poster for the opposing team. 

When the schedule came out, the Moose Jaw Warriors were playing in Everett on Madison’s birthday, March 1. As Kraken fans, they were excited to see Seattle’s draft pick Jagger Firkus and, with the acquisition of Matthew Savoie, excitement was growing over the game. 

When it came to making posters, Madison wanted to do a poster that had to do with her birthday. The whole year, the running joke in the Erga household was that whenever Madison asked what they were going to do for her birthday, the answer was always “We’re going to the circus.” It was Madison’s older sister that suggested doing something with Firkus and she came up with a sign that said “Hey Firkus, I was told I was going to the circus for my birthday.” 

Then, a day before the game, they bought a box of animal crackers so she could hold them up with the sign. 

Holding up her sign, it came as a surprise when, minutes into the warmup, Firkus flipped a puck over the glass to Madison.  

“Whenever we do things like posters or whatever, I’m always saying ‘Don’t expect anything, they might not even look at you.’ It was pretty cool that he was in an away arena and took the time to even throw a puck over to her and then he actually stopped to sign it,” Cassie said. 

After warmups, Madison handed the animal crackers to a member of the Warriors staff to give to Firkus. As they were standing there, Cassie told Madison she should get her puck signed. Luckily, Cassie went through her bag and happened to have a silver marker. 

Firkus was one of the last players off the ice and he stopped right away to sign the puck for Madison. 

“There was one other kid there with something and he signed for that kid too. It’s just awesome to see players that take that extra 40 seconds to sign stuff for kids,” Cassie said. 

Cassie said both her girls were excited about getting the puck signed and it now sits with other hockey memorabilia in their house. 

She added that Madison has only been to one Seattle Kraken game, but now wanted to go to one when Firkus makes the NHL.