Moose Jaw Police Service

2022 September 25 – 2022 September 26

0700 hours – 0700 hours

Total Calls – 53


0726 hours—Well Being Check- Individual fine, did not require any assistance.

0810 hours- Assist Sick Person- Individual transported to hospital by EMS.

1042 hours- Disturbance- 2 individuals charged.

1304 hours- Theft- From a business the previous day. Still under investigation.

1324 hours- MVA- 2 vehicles. 1 tow. 1 ticked issued. Damage approx. $10,000.

1611 hours- Dispute- Family dispute. Mediated, follow up to happen.

1636 hours- Fire Call- Structure fire.

1714 hours- Disturbance- Individual transported to hospital be EMS.

1835 hours- Harassing Calls- appears to be a scam, complainant advised to block the number.

2041 hours- Unwanted Guest- subject experiencing medical issues, transported to hospital.

2153 hours- Well Being Check- Subject located and is fine.

2253 hours- Unwanted Guest- 2 individuals inside vestibule of business. Sent on their way.

0220 hours- Fraud Fare- Individual located arrangements made to pay cab fare.

0323 hours- Unwanted Guest- 2 individuals sleeping inside business vestibule, sent on their way.

0424 hours- Well Being Check- Subject located and transported to hospital.

Warrant Executed- 5
911 Calls – 5