Moose Jaw Police Service

2022 September 23 – 2022 September 24

0700 hours – 0700 hours

Total Calls – 61


0852 hours – Fraud – Individual scammed- out money. Advised to cease contact

0938 hours- Well Being Check- Individual located and is fine. Safe with family.

1153 hours- Breach- Subject found to be breaching Release Order. Held for court.

1204 hours- MVA- 2 vehicles, $20,000 damage, no injuries, 2 tows, 1 charge proceed
from stop sign before safe.

1221 hours- Landlord/Tenant Situation- Dispute- mediated.

1343 hours- Well Being Check- Individual located and is fine.

1353 hours- Hit & Run- Approximately $200 damage. No suspects, witnesses, or video.

1419 hours- Assist Elderly- Individual returned home- spoke with family

1525 hours- Assist Elderly- Individual retuned home

1811 hours- Dipsute- Verbal between family. Mediated.

1918 hours- Mischief- Door smashed with a rock. $500 damage. No suspects, no video

2339 hours- Unwanted Guest- Individual sleeping in business entrance. Sent on their way.

0005 hours- Public Intox- Individual brought to cells and held there until sober

0233 hours- Noise Bylaw- Resident warned of the noise bylaw.

0612 hours- Disturbance- Individual bothering people in lobby of business. Removed from the area


Assist Other Agency – 5

Warrant Executed – 3

Bylaw- 4

911 Calls – 9