Carnie's Comments


It's Tuesday - Twitter Tuesday on the daily commentary.

Let's start with this, "Once I went to hug my mom and she said, 'Careful, I don't want you to squish me purse ketchups'.  I still think about that."

This guy says, "I tossed and turned all night and my Apple watch is asking if I'd like to log that workout."

Here's a mom who Tweets, "My daughter forgot the name for apostrophe so she called it a flying comma."

This guy says, "Ya, Live, Laugh, Love...and two hours later I'm late for work!"

I like this, "I had patience once but it took too long."

That same guy says, "The chip bag is so loud at night because it's made out of guilt."

This one, "I thought I was an upstanding citizen until my mom was a passenger in my car.  It turns out I'm a menace to society."

And, one more, "To everyone going to a fall supper this season, may the perogies be plentiful...and the pants stretchy!"