Carnie's Comments


It's Throwback Thursday - just a minute to remember the good old days.

I had a captive audience yesterday in our news room as our people prepared to cover the new provincial budget. 

Of course, we received an embargoed copy, delivered electronically - no paper wasted.

I raised some eyebrows when I told our young people how it used to happen.

We'd sign a waiver that was sent in the mail, agreeing to not releasing any details until the finance minister delivered the speech in the house and then we'd mail it back.

On budget day, we'd get a call from the local bus depot, letting us know we had a package to pick up. It was the budget. BIG stacks of paper in a big, cardboard box. It weighed about 15 pounds. 

One of our young reporters said, "I'm sorry, but you picked it up at a bus depot?"

I said, "Yes! It came to us on an STC bus from Regina."

And then he asked, "What's STC?"