Carnie's Comments


It's on my mind today because I had a good day gambling yesterday! 

I'm not a big fan of the casino or playing cards but I love to lay down a few bucks on sports.

I play within my limits and I have never tried the online gambling. Have you seen the promotional commercials on TV? You can place bets on a game during the game. You can wager on almost anything. That could be addicting. We don't want that.

Now, if I have to fill out a slip and make the trip to the convenience store to run it through the lotto machine, I'm making a commitment and betting on a game or games once. I think that's good.

So yesterday I bet on 7 football games, wagering a total of $20.00. I justify that by telling myself there's someone in a casino right now gambling $20.00 on a single spin at a slot machine. They're only getting 5 or 10 seconds of entertainment doing that!

I bet on several football games and then sit in the chair and watch those games intently. I get anxious, my palms get sweaty, my heart rate goes up and I can literally feel the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat.

I can get six hours of that for just $20.00. What a great deal!


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