Carnie's Comments


It's my weekly treat for you - the best of the best on Facebook Friday!

This guy shares, "Here's what I've learned: If you can, try to be born into generational wealth."

Here's a thought, "Working at the unemployment office has to be a tense job...knowing if you got fired, you'd still have to come in the next day."

This portly pal of mine says, "Heat makes things expand. So, I don't have a weight problem. I'm just hot."

This friend shares, "I just realized that kids talking about the 90s today is the same as kids in the 90s talking about the 60s."

Another thought, "Instead of 'no pun intended', people should say it was 'punintentional'."

An educator I follow says, "My teacher education program didn't prepare me for being bullied by 10-year-olds for having a knock-off Stanley tumbler."

You might relate to this, "The adult version of 'head, shoulders, knees and toes' is 'wallet, glasses, keys and phone'."

And we'll finish with this, "Crossing things off my to-do list. I didn't do them, I just don't want them on my list anymore."