The Moose Jaw Police Service say they’ve received reports of the Grandparent/Parent Scam” making the rounds again in Moose Jaw. 

Jay-D Haughton, public information and strategic communication manager with the Moose Jaw Police Service, said they have recently received between 10-15 calls from people reporting scam attempts.  

The scam starts with a call from someone pretending to be a family member saying they need money because they have been arrested or are in danger. 

This is followed with a second call from someone impersonating a lawyer, officer, or judge, who will instruct you to withdraw money. 

Police want to remind the public that police, lawyers, and judges will not call to request money. Haughton said scammers are using someone’s emotional response to the situation against them.  

“We just want people to be vigilant. If you feel something’s suspicious, hang up. Reach out to your grandchild or family member and verify what these scammers are telling you.” 

A new development on this scam in Moose Jaw is urging people to make payment via Bitcoin ATMs in the city.  

Haughton said you can contact the Moose Jaw Police Service at 306-694-7600 to make a report about a potential scam attempt or report it on the MJPS website

He adds that personal information including e-mail addresses, banking information, and Social Insurance Numbers should not be divulged in a phone call or text.