Carnie's Comments

It's Throwback Thursday as I take a look back to the good times we've had during this, CHAB's 100th anniversary.

It was summer, maybe 1990 or '91, and the Saskatchewan Airshow was coming up at 15-Wing Moose Jaw.  

Our general manager at the time, Vern Traill, asked me what we had planned for coverage.  I told him we'd be broadcasting live all weekend with a number of our personalities attending.

He said, "What about traffic reports from a helicopter?"

I told him there were only two ways to get to the air base so traffic reports seemed silly to me.

Vern said, "Well, if another radio station comes to our town and does traffic reports from a chopper this weekend, don't bother coming into the station on Monday."

He was threatening.  I got to work.

Long story short, there I was on Saturday morning, reporting live from a base rescue helicopter with Major Steve Teatro, who made it happen and likely saved my job.

When Vern showed up Monday morning, he called me into his office, told me I was "a star" and gave me a $300 per month raise.