Following their unexpected shutdown on March 6, due to collapsed sewer and water lines the Moose Jaw and District Food Bank had all hands-on-deck for a busy reopening.  

Volunteers and staff worked tirelessly to prepare for the influx of visitors upon reopening. 

“The day went so smoothly on Friday, we ended up helping 118 households, which was absolutely outstanding. The staff here was so proud of our volunteers for the great and awesome work they did. The highest we have ever done prior to that day was 72 households,” said Deann Little, Development and Warehouse Manager.  

She added that within the first 45 minutes of opening, they helped 45 households.  

The community showed their generosity and support for the food bank, with a GoFundMe bringing in nearly $28,000 and various businesses, most notably Mosaic, contributing over $15,000 to cover the cost of the repairs.  

“We’re really thankful for every person who donated, whether it was $5 or $500 it really meant a (lot) thing to us,” Little said.  

The Moose Jaw and District Food Bank extended their hours on Friday and Monday to accommodate the inundation of households seeking assistance. They have since returned to normal hours of operation.