June 3rd to 10th marks ATV Safety week and as the weather warms up we certainly will be seeing more of them out and about or even using them more ourselves.

The Saskatchewan All-Terrain Vehicle Association (SATVA) wants to remind everyone of two very important rules:  Ride Safe. Ride Smart.

Here's a quick list of safety considerations from SATVA:

  • One of the most important safety steps any ATVer can follow to Ride Smart is wearing a helmet that fits properly
  • Riders ages 12 to 15, or people who don’t have a driver’s license, must take an approved safety course or be supervised by someone who’s had a driver’s license for a year (all riders can benefit from the training)
  • Other equipment necessary for anyone looking to Ride Smart includes eye protection, gloves, ankle boots, long pants and a long-sleeved shirt
  • Before even hitting the ATV trail, you must also ensure you have the knowledge and make the proper preparations
  • Prior to heading out, you should also designate an emergency contact and pack a cell phone or walkie talkie

 SATVA also says that to Ride Safe, it means that you don’t attempt tricky manoeuvers, you follow the speed limit and you avoid roads and streets when driving, except to cross the road or go around obstacles. Unless your ATV is designed for more than one passenger, you shouldn’t double up. Adding a passenger to a quad designed for one rider can change the dynamics of the machine, especially when climbing or descending hills or when maneuvering around obstacles. The end result can be a roll over. And of course, safe riding also means not drinking and then riding. Drinking reduces a rider’s reaction time and impairs their judgement – not to mention the fact operating an ATV on public or private property while impaired is illegal.