Moose Jaw City Hall is preparing for the first ballots to be marked in the municipal by-election. Advanced polls open Wednesday to allow as many people to vote as possible.

Returning Officer Tracey Witke says their staff are ready to go but they aren't sure what to expect.

"We're not really sure actually. It doesn't seem like there has been a lot of chatter," said Witke. "I'm not sure if it's because there's just one position available but we really don't know what our numbers are expected to be."

There are four candidates for one council seat in the by-election, Mike Bachiu, Heather Eby, Steven White and Doug Blanc. There are also three candidates for the Holy Trinity Catholic School Board that will show up on the ballot, Christine Boyczuk, Alison Bradish and Teri-Ann Metz.

The Voter Information Guide has the standard criteria for voting that must be followed for a by-election, but Holy Trinity has an extra box that must be checked in order to take part in that process.

"You must have resided in the City of Moose Jaw for at least three consecutive months proceeding by-election day and be of the religious faith that established the school division." explained Witke.

If you don't need to take advantage of the advance polls, the regular by-election voting will happen on October 17th with results expected to be released shortly after polls close that evening.