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Some jobs come to an abrupt halt in cold temperatures like the ones we've experienced this week.

However, the Moose Jaw and District Paramedics are ready to assist anyone, at any time, at any temperature. 

Chief of the local Paramedics, Kyle Sereda said they have noticed a small influx in calls throughout this cold snap, some who are in need of medical care after suffering frostbite and hypothermia. He added that those aren't the only cold-related calls that they responded to this week. 

"For other types of calls that are related to weather, people falling, people getting into a few more collisions, perhaps for a number of mechanical reasons due to the cold like snow on the hood, windshield's not cleared," explained Sereda. "Certainly, the majority are cold exposure types of occurrences."

He noted that there is also a portion of the population who is more at risk for weather-related illness or things like frostbite. 

"The higher risk individuals who work outside generally speaking or kids or elderly who have a limited ability to moderate their temperature like a middle-aged adult would. Those individuals we go to more, people who don't realize how cold it is or how long they've been outside make up the majority of those types of calls."

For the most part, Sereda said their jobs remain the same despite what seasonal woes we're dealing with, although there are some minor adjustments they need to make to their day to day practices. 

"Pay particular attention to the temperature and how it affects the vehicles, and keeping them running longer out in these temperatures because of the cold. More focus is on the individuals, we generally try to limit [being outside] as well. In some situations, when we are outside it does direct us to remove patients or people who are in the elements a little bit quicker."

Sereda said it's just about limiting your time outside, only go out in short intervals, and if you need to be outside - take plenty of long and warm breaks. 

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