Moose Jaw Police Service

2023 October 21– 2023 October 22

0700 hours – 0700 hours

Total Calls – 38



0737 hrs – Suspicious Occurrence- Stolen Safe Dumped outside local business, Safe seized and put into exhibits.

0939 hrs- Theft Over- 100 block Coteau St w-Still under investigation.

1028 hrs –Barking Dog- Spoke to Occupants, No concerns for safety, Dogs where just sick.

1056 hrs – Theft Under-400 Block of Langdon Cres. A vehicle was rifled through and $10 in change taken throughout the night.

1000 hrs- Theft Under- 1000 block willow Ave- A vehicle was rifled through, two pairs of sunglasses and $10 of change was taken.

1139 hrs- Suspicious Occurrence- A missing bike was returned to owner and second one seized.

1143 hrs- Threats- Local hotel staff where threatened subject will be warned of their actions and banned from hotel.

1236 hrs- Parking Bylaw- Registered owner was contacted and agreed to move it into storage for winter.

1436 hrs- Impaired Driving- Suspect charged with impaired driving, licence suspended, and vehicle impounded for 30 days.

1610 hrs- Parking Bylaw- Vehicle was towed for being unregistered while parked on the street.

1616 hrs- Mischief- A vehicle was damaged in front of a local business; owner wanted it reported for informational purposes.

1623 hrs- Dispute- Still under investigation.

1630 hrs- Dispute- Subject was asked to move along.

1713 hrs- Suspicious Occurrence- Subject was warned regarding their actions and has verbal warning not at attend business.

1716 hrs- Disturbance- Subject was asked to keep music down while being outside.

1724 hrs- Vehicle seizure- Suspects vehicle was seized for 7 day impound, one ticket for exceeding speed limit by more than 50 Km/h.

1728 hrs- Mischief- Back window smashed out causing $500 damage to a vehicle in the 1000 block Lillooet St W Over night.

1844 hrs- Found property- Turned over to officers for destruction.

1919 hrs- Dangerous Driving- And aggressive driver was warned of their actions, due to almost causing an accident while backing out of parking stall.

2025 hrs- Suspicious Occurrences- Area will have extra patrols over night.

2201 hrs- Abandoned Vehicle- While officers were going to attend the area of vehicle, CN called back and said vehicle belongs to an employee, no longer needing police help.

2343 hrs- Noice Bylaw- Subject of a loud house party was warned and told to start shutting it down.

220 hrs- Well being Check- subject was located safe and sound.



Warrant Executed – 2

Assist Other Agency – 2

Alarm Call – 1

911 Calls – 2