Nowhere near Halloween, but if you enjoy a good scare then you have to check out this year's Ghost Tours, put on by Tourism Moose Jaw.

Even if you have done the tour before, there have been some modifications to enhance the ride.

Namely, Jarred Robinson with Nebulous Entertainment was contracted and he collaborated with the tourism center to help set the tone for the ghost tours this year.

Robinson said, "Originally we didn't know what we were going to be able to do but we decided that we would have me produce an original score.  So we have an opening theme, we've got a closing theme and just to kind of spice up the tour, I created about an hour's worth of scary sound effects and ambience for the tour."

While testing the equipment, he said he got the stamp of approval that it's scarier. Robinson went on to explain that they had a spontaneous and unofficial test run for the music when a family from Alberta pulled into the parking lot at the Tourism office and asked if they could come aboard and see the trolley.  Jarred warned them that he was trying out some audio.  As they boarded, the family's six or seven year old daughter exclaimed that she did not want to stay in the trolley, so he figured that his eerie composition was a success.

The Trolley has also undergone upgrades this year.

Tours run Saturday nights through June, with two tours.  The first boards at 9:30, followed by the second tour at 10:45.  Through July and August, Friday night tours will be added (same tour times as Saturday).

You can call the Tourism office for more information and to purchase tickets.