The Ministry of Highways says it's frustrating.

Thursday night a semi-trailer unit smacked the overpass where the Trans Canada highway passes under highway 2, hitting the structure on Moose Jaw's north side and putting the Ministry of Highways into action.

Highways spokesperson Paul Spasoff says, "It does get frustrating and one of the things that we ask people because the majority of the incidences that seem to happen with the overpass, is from trucks that don't get permits."

The original police report estimated $1,000,000 of possible damage but upon further investigation, the Department of Highways determined the cost of repairs to be somewhere between $300,000 and $500,000.

Spasoff confirmed some of the damage caused by the incident noting, "There's some damage to the outer structure, as well as the girders of the overpass itself."

He added, "We are going to be doing a more thorough inspection in the near future here but for the time being, the overpass is certainly safe to use and we are going to continue to monitor it until it is repaired."

The overpass has been struck dozens of times over the last ten years.