City administration gave an update on the pothole situation in Moose Jaw during Tuesday night’s city council meeting. 

After only being able to fill potholes with cold mix throughout the spring, city crews have now started repairing potholes with hot mix for a more permanent fix. 

“The hot mix plant came online a couple of weeks ago and public works have started on pothole repairs since then,” said Director of Engineering Bevan Harlton.  

“They've also brought their miller online, so that's something we've talked about previously, which allows us to mill down sections of the road and complete more expansive repairs.” 

Harlton added that so far there have been very few delays. 

“I hadn't heard anything that's preventing or holding up our public works crew from getting that work done and from our updates it's been moving forward pretty efficiently,” he said. 

Some of the priority areas that the city is working on include Coteau Street, Ninth Avenue Northwest and sections of Main Street north of the downtown core. 

“Certainly, their focus has been the priority one routes as well. So, all the bus routes and a little different process this year instead of fixing where there are maybe five or six potholes, they're doing a more mill and fill process there,” said Acting Director of Public Works Rod Montgomery. 

Montgomery gave the example of MacDonald Street as areas that have been milled and patched over. 

Coun. Dawn Luhning did raise a concern when it came to bus routes, noting that 13th Avenue North West from Grace Street to Caribou Street is still full of potholes. 

Pothole fixPatchwork on MacDonald Street