A&W is holding it's annual Free Rootbeer Day, Saturday, July 20th. The event will be exactly as delicious as it sounds, with anyone who heads to down to their local A&W able to cash in on one free mug of sasparilla. Derrick Pohl, the owner of the Main Street location, explained a recent change to their classic recipe.

"It's based on Sugarcane, and yeah, it's going over really well. This will be our third year doing the free rootbeer day, and I hope everyone comes out, it's gonna be a big day. We're also having the rider special going on that day, so we're expecting to be very busy I hope."

The restaurant chain has been making many new additions to its menu in recent years, along with its promise of no beef raised with the use of hormones or steroids.

"The Beyond Meat, for example. It's went over really well, and there are a lot of people there that do want that kind of product, and thank goodness we were able to do it first, and we had the rights to do that first, so it's been really well, and I'm happy to be part of it," said Pohl, who explained some of the history behind his location as it heads into the future.

The Moose Jaw Main Street A&W is celebrating its 30th anniversary at its current location. Many regulars and groups have been coming to the restaurant even before it's move to Main street. Pohl spoke on how the key to success is the staff.

"I've been lucky like my dad, and I probably just learned off of him how to keep the staff, because, same thing, I maintain the same people, and I have probably about 10 people that have been there over 10 years, one that's been there for 15. All you do is treat everybody with respect, and try to put yourself in their shoes, and you gotta be giving and understanding, and it's worked really well.'

A&W will also be hosting its Burgers to Beat MS event later this summer on August 22nd, where $2 from every teen burger sold will go to those living with MS.