Hoping residents will want to help make our community a little greener, the city of Moose Jaw is once again offering free trees for people to help plant in new subdivisions. 

New and exciting this year is that the Parks and Recreation department has added two more varieties of trees to the list of options. 

”Homeowners have two exciting new trees to consider – Alder or Spring Snow crab-apple,” explained Sarah Regent, Parks Gardener for the City of Moose Jaw in a written statement. “There is one other change to the program as trees are set to arrive in late August or early September. Early fall is an excellent time to plant trees, with the cooler weather helping reduce transplant shock.”

Not only are trees aesthetically pleasing, they also provide a number of benefits according to Regent. 

“Trees provide many benefits, such as reduced energy costs, increased property values, cleaner air, and better overall health,” Regent added. “As the city grows this is an opportunity to expand our urban forest and continue to enjoy these benefits.”

Interested applicants can find more information on eligibility and applications on the city's website.