It'll be the fall before we get all of the details after a review of the first phase of cast iron replacement in Moose Jaw.

You may remember that a group of residents confronted council saying they were being over billed for the replacement work that happened in 2016. Council directed administration to review what happened, contact residents and report back with their findings. Council was to receive that report at the end of June, but residents weren't invited to the meeting or told the report was ready so the meeting was tabled for two weeks.

On Monday, council was set to receive the report again but when councillors learned that some of the residents had only been advised of the report earlier in the day, they again questioned why residents were not informed.

The report has now been set over to September to allow all residents impacted to be contact, review the report and then prepare a response. Meanwhile the city manager will try and work with the residents to understand the report.