With the rise in cost of groceries, many may be considering raising chickens and poultry in their backyard, but is it permitted within Moose Jaw City Limits? 

According to the city's Keeping of Animals Bylaw 5432, the keeping of chickens, turkeys, grouse, pheasants and other galliformes as well as ducks and geese and other anseriformes within city limits is prohibited. 

There are exceptions for stockyards, feedlots, and slaughterhouses as non-conforming uses under the Planning and Development Act. 

Other exceptions include: 

  • Moose Jaw Exhibition Grounds 
  • Moose Jaw Humane Society 
  • An animal in possession of an animal control agency 
  • Animals in the Wakamow Valley Management Area where the keeping of animals is under license of the Wakamow Valley Board and the City. 
  • It's within a valid permit issued by the provincial or federal government 
  • The Moose Jaw Events Centre only for the duration of an approved show. 
  • Special exemptions can be applied for, in writing, to Moose Jaw City Council. 

Back in 2017, there was a call for a pilot project to allow a select few residents to raise chickens in their backyard. The request was defeated by city council at the time due to animal welfare concerns and the ability to enforce the bylaw regulations.