The pair of wild storms that hit Saskatchewan earlier this month on back-to-back days created a lot of damage claims for SGI to sift through.

Nearly 1,000 auto and property claims have been filed with SGI, resulting from the July 9th and 10th storms that hit the southern part of the province.

Tyler McMurchy, the Manager of Media Relations with SGI, said he wasn't surprised by the number of claims they've received.

"This was definitely a significant storm event and we know many people were affected by it, but it's kind of a fact of life when you're living in Saskatchewan," he said. 

Seven-hundred-and-sixteen of the claims were auto - 649 caused by hail damage, and 228 were property claims with 139 of them from hail.

"Hail does affect cars to a significant degree [compared to houses]," McMurchy said as to the reason why the auto claims were much higher. "When you're looking at a large amount of hail, the damage can be more severe to the auto body."

Wind combined for 122 of the claims submitted, and flooding, sewer back-ups and lightning accounted for 34.

SGI received 21,000 claims in 2017.