New funding to help with channel clearing projects, as well as maintenance for drainage projects, is being provided by the Water Security Agency. 

Up to $1 million in funding was announced this past Thursday for local governments to apply for. This includes rural municipalities, Conservation and Development Area Authorities and Watershed Associations.  

Similar funding was previously only available for natural watercourses, but it is now being made available for constructed drainage projects. 

"Obstructions in natural and constructed watercourses can cause flooding and erosion problems and be a significant cost burden to producers and local governments," Minister Responsible for the Water Security Agency Jeremy Cockrill said. "We believe advancing channel clearing and drainage maintenance projects throughout the province can help landowners better protect private and public infrastructure." 

"This funding is vital to support responsible agricultural water management projects in Saskatchewan," Saskatchewan Conservation and Development Association Chair Miles Wendell said. "This will help more of our C&Ds maintain natural and constructed drainage courses throughout Saskatchewan and assist in our mandate to manage and protect all water resources." 

The funding will be provided as a rebate and covers up to 50 percent of the eligible costs for activities carried out during the program year. This includes activities such as removing silt, beaver dams and debris such as trees, brush and deadfall. The removal of these things from waterways can lessen the possibility of blockages that lead to flooding.  

The deadline to apply for the funding is January 31st of next year.