Funnel clouds and tornadoes were seen northwest of Moose Jaw near the village of Keeler with the storm heading southeast.

The severe thunderstorm warning has ended for Moose Jaw and the area. 

Trent Shillington farms near Caron and witnessed the tornado, "We were seeding about two to three miles away from our yard and all of sudden looked over to the west at about 7 o'clock and we could see that there's a pretty big tornado that didn't look to far away and I kind of knew where in relation it was to the house so I was little concerned and it was on the ground for at least five minutes," he says. 

Rob Been lives on an acreage near Keeler and he also saw a twister, "Out of nowhere there's a bolt of lightning that lit up the whole house... immediately followed by a crack of thunder that I thought was coming through the house. So, I took a step out onto my deck and I'm looking around because it is Saskatchewan after all and you never what's coming through and just off to the south there's this landspout tornado that was forming." 

If you see threatening weather approaching, go indoors and take cover immediately.

Darren Lowe took this video just north of Moose Jaw:

Below is a video courtesy of Rob Been just south of Keeler: