With the weather warming up, more people will be out walking their dogs. However, it's important to remember to keep your dog on a leash when you're out and about.

In fact, it is again the city’s Dog Bylaw to have your dog off-leash when it isn’t on your property or if a dog is on a leash longer than two metres.

“The only place in the city where your dog can be off leash is down at the off-leash dog park and animals that go to the off-leash dog Park do need to be spayed or neutered and have a city of Moose Jaw dog license,” said Moose Jaw Humane Society Executive Director Dana Haukaas.

Even if your dog is friendly, many other people don’t know that. Especially around kids, big dogs can seem intimidating and scary when they are running around off leash.

Haukaas said keeping your dog on a leash is common courtesy for others.

“If you're walking a dog on a leash and they see a dog off leash, they can get either super excited or frustrated when they see the dog running free and they're attached to a leash, so it's kind of a good neighbour thing to be kind to other people who are following the bylaw,” she said.

Along with being on a leash, all dogs must be licensed with the city. You can purchase your license at City Hall or at the Moose Jaw Humane Society.

According to the city’s Dog Bylaw, the fine for not maintaining a license for your dog can be $40 or $60 depending on the offence.

Fines can be $40 or $60 depending on the offence as well for having a dog running at large or a dog on a leash longer than two metres.

A police officer or animal control officer can capture and seize any dogs running at large and deliver the dog to the Moose Jaw Humane Society. According to the bylaw, the dog will be kept impounded at the humane society for 120 hours. If it has not been claimed, the humane society can put the dog up for adoption with adoption fees to cover boarding, vaccination against rabies and license fees.