Sukanen Ship Pioneer Village and Museum's Family Day is taking place tomorrow at the Museum.

The museum is celebrating it's 50 anniversary, and not only do they have old-timey prices for admission and snacks, but there is also a free ride out there, according to the longtime volunteer with the museum, Ron Walter.

"We actually have what's called a barrel train ride. One of our member's fathers built this little device with barrels hooked up to an engine and it's like a little go-cart thing, and they drive around, and kids can get all kinds of rides. It's just one of the things, we have tractor rides and fire truck rides, and inflatable games,"

Celebrating life in the prairies as it was a century ago, prices have been slashed significantly. Walter said there is a lower $2 admission price and low prices for snacks because the museum feels the need give back to the community that has supported it.

"We've arranged with the Moose Jaw Trolley to do free rides to the Museum from the tourist information booth, starting at 10 am, every 40 minutes, all day long, out and back. So it's a great way for people to get out there and not have to worry about driving the car, and have lots of fun."

In addition to the family day activities outside, Walter said the museum's unique buildings are also open.

"Rebuilt, to scale model, just the way old Fysh Drugs was. We have some of the fixtures and things from the drug store in there, including the old clock, and even the outside glass front on Fysh Drugs, that's been recreated too. It's really a neat, cool place, and not a lot of museums have a drug store.'

Festivities get underway at 10 a.m., Saturday, July 20th.