With school out, and the summer holidays beginning, SGI wants to remind drivers to share the road. Whether you are meeting with family or friends at the lake or in town, be prepared to share the road with those walking, riding, or driving. 

In and around the city there will be pedestrians, cyclists and motorcycles out enjoying the summer weather. SGI states that vulnerable road users are at a higher risk of injury in a collision than people in passenger vehicles. 

Be cautious around semi-trucks, construction zones, and vehicles hauling trailers and boats when on the highway. Keep enough space between you and the cars when passing large equipment. Semis have a much longer stopping distance, so when passing, give them plenty of room before pulling in front. 

SGI wants drivers to keep their heads up when driving, giving their full attention to the road and not being distracted by their phones. 

SGI had some additional tips to share surrounding safe summer driving:

  • Scanning the street in front of you
  • Checking your mirrors often
  • Slow down when passing through work zones
  • Always double-check to ensure a lane is clear before changing lanes
  • Keep a safe distance from other road users
  • Watch your speed while passing pedestrians and cyclists