Announced earlier this year, A.E. Peacock Collegiate's Centennial Auditorium got a major facelift worth half a million dollars.

On Friday, the high school received another donation in the amount of $25 thousand dollars from the Moose Jaw Co-op.

Dustin Swanson is the Principal of Peacock Collegiate and said the improvements that will be made with the donation will benefit not just the school, but the entire community. 

"We're ecstatic," said Swanson. "We want to thank the Moose Jaw Co-op Association for their support of the Auditorium Renewal. It's a critical project for our school, the division, and the community, and we appreciate so much the support we received from them."

Swanson said the donation will be used to renovate the auditorium balcony. 

"This donation is to sponsor the balcony. So this effectively renews the seating in the balcony and also gives complete ownership and naming rights to the Moose Jaw Co-op. It will now become the Moose Jaw Co-op Balcony."

Geoff Anderson is from the Moose Jaw Co-op Association and gave the announcement on Friday. He explained why the Co-op donated the money.

"We felt that it certainly spoke to our co-operative values by putting people first and being community-minded so we felt we needed to help. We are very excited to give a donation like this for this renovation and from what I've seen so far, I think it's going to be fantastic for the students today and certainly in the future."

Swanson said the first phase of the project is nearing completion and by December, the entire auditorium will be finished. 

"We are closing in on completing phase one which was rejuvenating the auditorium seating; so the flooring, the seating, the house lighting, and some painting have all been nearly completed."

It's the first time in 53 years since the auditorium was last upgraded. 

The renewal project is sure to improve upon the many events that are held there each year and impress the many different users around the city who utilize the auditorium.