Pride Week events are underway in Moose Jaw.

On Wednesday night, the Moose Jaw Museum & Art Gallery held an opening reception for its PRIDE exhibition, which features work by five local artists.

"It's really great to be part of the Pride Week events to support the community," said Jennifer McRorie, executive director and curator of the Moose Jaw Museum & Art Gallery. "We want to support all artists and the practices of all artists in our community and to have this as an inclusive space. Being able to showcase artists from the 2SLGBTQ+ community is really a great opportunity to support their practices and to just be a part of Pride Week to help celebrate the community."

McRorie noted this was the fourth PRIDE exhibition that the art gallery has hosted.

Alexis Valgardsson was one of the artists on hand to talk about her display of 300 moths which was called METAMORPHOSIS.

"The biggest thing is transformation and being yourself and being true to yourself and representing who you are to the greater world. Going to school and then coming back here, I felt it was really important to showcase who I am and taking part in a Pride event for the first time in my hometown was really exciting and I couldn't say no to the opportunity."

Valgardsson added she was excited to see all of the events going on this week.

"I'm just so excited to see people actively talking about the community and getting involved and being more welcoming. It's just really exciting to see."

Cole RamseyCole Ramsey

Cole Ramsey is a member of the Moose Jaw Community Pride Planning Circle, which organized this week's events. They noted planning started about eight weeks ago.

"To make sure that folks had this, not only the major social event for the community, but also a consistent reminder that this community is still here and still thriving."

They outlined some of the events happening during Pride Week.

"We've got the art gallery opening tonight, this is an event we've done in the past. We opened up with an open mike that was hosted by the Festival of Words. There's the Coming Out Campfire this Friday night. We've got a parade planned for this Saturday. It will be an on-foot parade. Meeting in Crescent Park, circling the block of the park and then returning to where we started for a brief drag show and live music afterwards. We're inviting folks to bring their own picnics."

Pride Week started on May 25 this year and will wrap up on Saturday, June 3.