Seven years ago, Heartland Hospice Moose Jaw Inc. was officially established as a non-profit organization, now, they’re celebrating a re-launch and new designation as a registered charity.  

Angela Sereda is the board chair and explains where the concept for Heartland Hospice originated.  

“It all started with Arlene (Kolosky)’s dream, a lady in our community who was facing the end of life and had great services within her home. She was always wondering what happens to all those individuals that don’t have those resources to be able to have that end-of-life journey at their home,” Sereda explained.  

“Since 2014, Heartland Hospice has been committed to promoting quality in life, compassion in death and support in bereavement, by offering and providing resources to families, patients and the staff that provide care to those nearing their end of life.” 

Earlier this month, Heartland Hospice Moose Jaw announced the change in status along with a new website and logo. 

“Now being a registered charity, individuals, businesses and corporations will now receive a tax receipt for any donations over twenty dollars that they make to heartland hospice. And we’re so grateful for every dollar that has been donated in the past and all future donations because we do have a vision for the future and we’re excited for it,” Sereda continued.  

The change also means Heartland Hospice will work with the Saskatchewan Health Authority (SHA) and the Ministry of Health. 

Heartland Hospice currently supports one palliative care bed and one family room at Pioneer Lodge.  

The goal is to expand the number of beds in Moose Jaw, adding two additional beds, along with creating a private entrance into the hospice space.  

They also hope to create a sacred place for patients and families and continue the development of an outdoor serenity garden.  

Sereda went on to say they’re looking at additional, educational supports and resources for staff who are looking after the end-of-life patients.  

During the pandemic, the group hasn’t been able to host their typical fundraisers, however, the board decided to refocus their efforts and spend more time planning for the future.  

“We really needed to take a step back as an organization and truly define what our mission and vision is for the future, and what our strategic map will look like over the next 5 years," said Sereda. 

“We really focused on our foundation as an organization and really worked on strengthening our board governance so that we can ensure we’re always seen as an accountable partner with our stakeholders within the city and the province.” 

The organization had planned to host a major fundraiser last year. “An Evening Under the Stars” was slated for September but had to be cancelled due to the pandemic.  

Sereda is hopeful they will be able to host the event this year, pending public health guidelines.  

In the meantime, Heartland Hospice has partnered with the Mad Greek for a rib night fundraiser this week. Thursday night’s event is sold out, but a few tickets remain for Wednesday evening.  

To get your ticket, you can email or visit them on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.  

Heartland Hospice Board members (Top, Left to right) Kim Robinson, Amanda Dowling, Donna Ackerman, Dr. Kerri Hetherington (Bottom, Left to right) Angela Sereda, Dale Toni, Della Ferguson, Marina Harder.