Moose Jaw City Council approved on Monday night a seven-day grace period at the beginning of each month for discounted transit pass users.  

The city’s Special Needs Advisory Committee held a meeting on Dec. 8. Concerned citizen Tim Yates addressed the advisory committee about discounted transit passes for those with disabilities.  

Yates told the committee that many who use the program receive the required letter in the mail from the provincial government and don’t always receive the letter at or before the start of the month.  

The advisory committee brought forward a recommendation that was approved by city council that city administration put together a report on the feasibility of a seven-day grace period.  

Director of Public Works and Utilities Darrin Stephanson said he didn’t anticipate any issues with a seven-day grace period.  

The city will simply stamp the back of the transit pass to the point of sale for those eligible.  

The city offers $50 discounted monthly transit passes to those enrolled in the following Ministry of Social Services programs:    

  • SIS - Saskatchewan Income Support    

  • PTA – Provincial Training Allowance    

  • SAID – Saskatchewan Assured Income Disability    

  • SES – Saskatchewan Employment Supplement    

However, discount passes are currently not available to be purchased on the city’s HotSpot parking app.  

“We did reach out when passes became available on our app to the ministry, but for privacy reasons they're not able to provide us with the required information to enable that transaction,” Stephanson said.  

Regular monthly adult transit passes cost $80, while the cash rate is $2.25 for fixed-route transit and $1.50 for paratransit.