City council will be looking at a seven-day grace period for discount transit users to receive an eligibility letter from the provincial government.  

The recommendation for the city's Special Needs Advisory Committee that city administration review the discounted transit passes to allow for a seven-day grace period for renewal when clients’ requirement letters are delayed in the mail was presented to city council on Monday night and passed unanimously with Mayor Clive Tolley and Coun. Dawn Luhning were absent.  

City administration is expected to bring forward a report to city council in the near future.

During the city’s Special Needs Advisory Committee meeting on Dec 8, Tim Yates addressed the discounted passes for those with disabilities.  

Yates informed the committee that many who use the program receive the required letter through the mail and don’t always receive the letter at or before the start of a new month. Hence, the user must pay out-of-pocket between the beginning of the month and when they receive the letter.  

“Sometimes, however, the form arrives late. It's in the mail. (That's) typically how it gets to some of these citizens, and so all the group was asking is that there be a grace period, so that if this letter of proof of eligibility is delayed in the mail that the city would offer a seven-day grace period for those folks,” said Coun. Jamey Logan, who sits on the Special Needs Advisory Committee.  

Logan said he believes that a seven-day grace period should be long enough for someone waiting for their proof of eligibility in the mail.  

“For the most part, typically it's only a day or two late. Often it comes early, but there are special instances when it's up to seven days and that was what they had asked for. So, my anticipation is yes, they would have asked for longer had they needed longer,” he said.  

The city offers $50 discounted monthly transit passes to those enrolled in the following Ministry of Social Services programs:  

  • SIS - Saskatchewan Income Support  
  • PTA – Provincial Training Allowance  
  • SAID – Saskatchewan Assured Income Disability  
  • SES – Saskatchewan Employment Supplement  

Regular monthly adult transit passes cost $80, while the cash rate is $2.25 for fixed-route transit and $1.50 for paratransit.