On April 1, Square One Community Inc. will be handed the keys to office space located in the old firehall, which will be the future home of a warming centre and emergency women's shelter.

The location at 138 Fairford Street West was formally occupied by Global Direct Realty.

Global Direct Realty was required to move out of the building, now known as William Milne Place, when the city cancelled its sublease to make way for Square One. The building is owned by Moose Jaw Non-Profit Housing Corporation, which leased the office space to the city.

"We've worked out of the original firehall of Moose Jaw for the last 10 years. We called it home," said Vicki Pantelopoulos, owner of Global Direct Realty. "We absolutely loved the building and the location and we had great success there. We're just sad to be moving, but also when we were told that it was going to be a warming and women's shelter, we know that we had to support that. Moose Jaw is in need this service and glad to see Square One Community Inc. providing it to Moose Jaw."

While it was a challenge to relocate with only 30 days' notice, Pantelopoulos says they received a lot of help. 

"We were so overwhelmed by the support and the help we received, not only from our Global family, clients and suppliers, but other real estate co-workers, they all pulled together to help us find a new space that actually brought us closer to the downtown core of Moose Jaw. I'm not going to lie, 30 days' notice to uproot a business is not an easy task by any means."

As of Friday, March 31, Global Direct Realty will be located in the City Square Mall in Unit 150, 361 Main Street North.

"We absolutely think this is a blessing to the city, the shelter. It's funny how you take what's negative and are able to turn it into something very positive, not only for our own business but for our community that we work and support," concluded Pantelopoulos.

Global Direct RealtyGlobal Direct Realty is now located in the City Square Mall in Unit 150, 361 Main Street North