Flooring is their business at Final Touch Flooring & Interiors in Moose Jaw where you'll find a wealth of information and experience at 823 Ominica Street West. 

Partners Ted Jarvos and Todd Busch have spent most of their working careers in the flooring business and they'd like to see you and your family in the store if you're planning some home renovations this spring and summer. 

Jarvos is proud to say he's lived in Moose Jaw "forever" and he enjoys serving people in the city he loves.  Jarvos grew up in Moose Jaw, attending elementary school at the old Alexandra School before moving on to Peacock Collegiate. 

"I enjoy the city and the people and I've made a lot of good friends in the business." 

Busch, a native of Hodgeville, joined Final Touch about 18 years ago. 

Final Touch Flooring & Interiors boasts years of professional service and installation in and around the Moose Jaw area.

"I grew up in Hodgeville and spent some years in Wadena, Calgary and Sundre and landed in Moose Jaw 23 years ago.  It's been home since." 

Jarvos tells us while, initially, the pandemic slowed business down, it didn't take long for it to pick up. 

"It's been pretty good, actually.  Everything came back pretty strongly and it looks like we're in for a better year and hopefully, it stays that way," Jarvos said. 

"We're not under-populated with flooring stores in Moose Jaw but, overall, I think everybody gets their share and we're all doing pretty fine," Jarvos added. 

So, in such a competitive business, what sets Final Touch Flooring & Interiors apart from the others? 

"Years of experience," Jarvos replied quickly.  "The years of experience our installers have and our commitment to caring about our customers.  We make sure we serve them the best we can.  Word of mouth is pretty important in Moose Jaw." 

In fact, Busch says Final Touch has built relationships with many local people who tend to be repeat customers. 

"Yes, a lot of our clientele are people we've dealt with before...and we take pride in our installation here at Final Touch." 

Jarvos says customer satisfaction starts well before the customer comes in the door with an eye on carrying name-brand products. 

"We've tried to narrow our selection somewhat.  We deal with people that we know can supply the product when we need it.  So, we've narrowed down to mostly North American producers and people who produce in Canada, mainly major distributors that we know can handle the inventory like Preverco - hardwood that is manufactured in Quebec.  Armstrong is a household name brand.  Also, Mohawk Industries - they've just invested $200,000,000 in a plant in North America to build a bunch of product that was previously built overseas," Jarvos said.  "We've tried to deal with suppliers who can fulfill our needs and the needs of our customers." 

Jarvos also tells us while they do their best to stay on top of current trends in the industry, the focus is always on quality. 

"Yes, from luxury vinyl garden plank and the home and garden channels on TV, there are a thousand different options.  At one time we used to sell mountains of hardwood and ceramic tile but that side of the industry has somewhat been taken over by luxury vinyl plank and luxury vinyl tile.  We still sell a lot of carpet but not as much as we used to," Jarvos said. 

If you drop into Final Touch Flooring & Interiors, you'll find all of the products on display from carpet to linoleum to hardwood along with porcelain and ceramic tile because while flooring is at the heart of what they do, Final Touch can also help you out with showers and backsplashes along with top quality exterior vinyl decking for your outdoor renovations. 

"Actually, we picked up a product from a distributor out at the coast for sheet vinyl decking.  It's actually one of the heaviest on the market and coming out of BC, their product has to be rated for roofing so this is a roofing-quality product.  Most of it is available within a week to two weeks and it performs very well.  It's fade-resistant and, if you have space for storage under your deck, it's a way to water-proof it so no damage happens," Jarvos explained. 

And, while you'll find top-notch, name-brand material at Final Touch, Jarvos wants local and local-area people to know they do their best to work with all budgets. 

"Price points, well, your starting point is probably $2.00 a square foot and going up to $10,00, $15.00 and $20.00 a square foot, depending on what you want.  We can cover it all, right from a minor renovation to building your $1,000,000 house," Jarvos said. 

Final Touch Flooring & Interiors stays on top of current trends, with a focus on quality. If you're in the market for new flooring, a bathroom renovation, a new backsplash for the kitchen or a new deck, you can get your shopping started online at finaltouchflooring.ca but Busch says dropping into the store is best. 

"There are so many products available now so we can walk you through everything and find what works for you.  Trends are always a good thing but what's popular today might not suit your needs as well as some other products so, if you come and see us, we can show you everything.  Picking out flooring is an important decision because you're going to walk on it for many years so it's something you want to take your time with.  We have everything here for you," Busch said. 

"All of our products have a manufacturer's guarantee or warranty.  Installation-wise, there's a legal warranty which is typically a year but Ted's had this store for many years now and he goes to bat for customers to make sure they get what they need...we've helped people out many years after we've installed for them just because we feel like we should," Busch added. 

When it comes to current trends in the home improvement industry, Jarvos believes he's seen just about everything come and go and, in some cases, come again! 

"Oh, ya," Ted laughed.  "I've been in this business for 44 years now and I've seen everything from tearing out the shag carpet and putting in vinyl plank and everything in between.  The trends change regularly.  You've got to have what YOU like because what everybody else is doing could be different tomorrow.  If I filled the store up with nothing but grey today, tomorrow the trend would be brown...and that's happened!" 

Jarvos and Busch would love to see you in their store if you have renovation plans this spring, summer or fall and they want you to know they're fully stocked with almost everything you're going to need for flooring, bathroom and kitchen renovations and decking. 

"It's that time of year.  You can open the doors, let people in and not worry about getting frostbite," Jarvos said.  "It's a perfect time to get things done and we're more than willing to get in there and do it." 

Jarvos is also reminding homeowners about the provincial government's incentive program that allows you to get a credit for home improvement projects.  Under the Saskatchewan home renovation tax credit, you can claim 10.5% tax credit on up to $20,000 of eligible home renovation expenses incurred between October 1st, 2020 and December 31st, 2022, saving up to $2100.00. 

"And, another thing, we can also handle your insurance claims.  Come on in, get a quote and we'll try to make it happen," Jarvos said. 

Stop in to see Ted, Todd and the rest of the crew at 823 Ominica Street West before your next renovation project.

"We've got a big showroom.  We've got 10,000 square feet.  Come have a look and there's a good chance we'll have it in stock." 

Final Touch Flooring & Interiors at 823 Ominica Street West, Moose Jaw.  Call 306 692 4088. 

They're open from 8:00 until 5:00 Monday through Friday and 9:00 until 4:00 on Saturdays.