With the summer warmth, our city's roadways are always buzzing with construction, and with that, must come traffic safety. The City of Moose Jaw is urging drivers and pedestrians to respect construction zone and traffic laws. Jason Trzakowski, the Crew Lead of the Water Waste Department, spoke on the issue.

"Please, for your safety and ours, if you see detour or road closed signs, obey them. If you see service vehicles, flashing yellow lights or four-way signals, working equipment, or workers on the roads, please slow down and use caution. At the end of the day, we want everyone to make it home safely." said Trzakowski, who explained the paramount aspect their signage plays in road safety.

"There have been countless occasions where I have seen vehicles and pedestrians ignore the control measures in place and enter our work sites. These control measures are a vital part of our operations and are not only there for our safety but yours as well. We understand the frustration that comes as motorists with detours, closed roads, alternate routes, etc. Those things affect all of us."

Trzakowski also notes that they have had two vehicles fall into excavation pits within the past five years. Sergeant Kevin Pilsworth of the Moose Jaw Police Service also noted the high amount of danger that can come from distracted driving, especially in these areas.

"This day and age, which everybody is aware of, the cellphone usage, the distracted driving has become a huge concern. So when you add in distracted driving with a work zone where people are moving around, that gets, quite honestly, can be quite scary."

According to Sgt. Pilsworth, the Moose Jaw Police Service says they have been focusing extra energy into the construction and playground zones these recent months and will be providing an increase of enforcement in those areas this year.