Carnie's Comments


It's Throwback Thursday as we celebrate 100 years on the air at 800 CHAB.

Let's go back about 30 years.  I was called to action late one afternoon when RCMP chased a bank robbery suspect to Moose Jaw and then lost him.  City police, RCMP including the SWAT team surrounded a home in northwest Moose Jaw.  The news director sent me to the scene with a Motorola bag phone to send in live reports.

A friend of mine spotted me in the CHAB van and invited me into his home.  He said he had a great view of the scene from his back deck.  

I set up shop and proceeded to call in those live reports, painting the picture for our local listeners.

Within a half hour the local police were banging on my friend's front door, looking for me!

One of the cops told me I was to stop reporting immediately.  I was baffled.  

"But, why?", I said.

He said there was the possibility the suspect could be listening to the radio and getting information that could impact the operation.

I obliged.

Hours later, when police entered the home, they found it was unoccupied - nobody there.  The bank robber was never there.  He was long gone. 

And, I wonder, if he was listening to he made his get-a-way.