Carnie's Comments


An historic, local building has been  up for discussion on social media this week - the original building at Saskatchewan Polytechnic - Moose Jaw Campus.

Locals remember a time when it was called the Provincial Normal School and, for a time, Saskatchewan Teacher's College.

It would eventually be named STI - Saskatchewan Technical Institute and later SIAST and now Saskatchewan Polytechnic.

It was STI when I first came to Moose Jaw.   I walked past the place every day for years on my way to and from classes at King George School.

It seems to me that it was a busier place back in the 1970s and 80s.  STI had basketball, volleyball and hockey programs.  The teams were called the Beavers and the Beaverettes.

STI also had a physical education program with a well-organized intramural league.  Hundreds of students would participate in flag football and soccer games after classes, late afternoons, in the fall.

Back in those days, the cafeteria was located adjacent to the gymnasium.  The food was fabulous and, from time to time, little Robbie Carnie and a friend or two would walk right in and belly up to the line, grab a tray and indulge.  I don't think we were really supposed to be in there but we were never asked to leave.

I recall eating the best piece of cherry pie I'd ever had at STI.  

I wonder if they still serve that pie.  I wonder if it's the same recipe.  I should check it out.