Carnie's Comments


I've witnessed a number of holes-in-one over the years but the one I saw on Friday was the most remarkable.

I had the pleasure of playing in the Moose Jaw Warriors Alumni Golf Tournament in a group that included Warriors alumnus Tate Popple.

We were at the back tees on the par 4 - 8th hole at the local Hillcrest Club, putting us 298 yards from the pin.  Popple selected his driver for his shot and hit a beauty.  He's a left-hander.  He hit a high fade that clipped a few poplar tree leaves on it's way towards the green.

I suggested it might be in the green-side bunker but Popple thought he saw it come down behind the green.

A search for his ball would ensue with 8 of us trampling through thick fescue to find it.  We found nothing.

Long story short?  Popple found his own the cup.  A hole-in-one it was.  Congratulatory high-fives would follow.  It was Popple's first ever ace.

And, what's more?  Popple was back in Moose Jaw to support the alumni golf tournament where funds raised go into the education fund.  It's a foundation he accesses as a student at the University of Waterloo.

What a shot.  What a day.  What a story.