The new leader of the Saskatchewan NDP Carla Beck made a stop in Moose Jaw on Friday as part of her three-week “Building to Win” tour across the province. 

Beck was in the Notorious City to take in Sidewalk Days as well as meet with the people of Saskatchewan to hear their concerns. 

She said she’s hearing that healthcare and affordability are top of mind for the people of Moose Jaw. She pointed to the struggles when it comes to people paying their bills, and the increase that the Moose Jaw and District Food Back has seen as people struggle to buy groceries. 

Beck added she talked to seniors in the city that are struggling to find family doctors and she’s also heard concerns about staffing shortages at the Dr. F.H. Wigmore Hospital. 

She comes to a city that has a strong past with the NDP with former MLAs Deb Higgins and Glenn Hagel as well as former Premier Lorne Calvert. That being said, both Moose Jaw seats are being held by Saskatchewan Party MLAs. 

She talked about what it would take to flip those seats. 

“During the leadership campaign, we talked a lot about the need to get out and tell our own story as New Democrats, the things that we're proud of about our history, but also invite people in to have another look at the Saskatchewan NDP. We are serious about doing the work that we need to do,” Beck said. 

Beck outlined what would change under an NDP government under her leadership. 

“I think at the core what we need is a government that is focused on the needs of the people in this province. We have a premier right now who seems to be more intent on inflaming division and sowing some of that anger rather than actually digging in and meeting the needs of people in this province.” 

Carla Beck won the party's leadership convention with 68 per cent of the vote. Saskatchewan's next provincial election is October 28, 2024. 

Below you can watch as Discover Moose Jaw’s Shawn Slaght sat down with the new Saskatchewan NDP leader during her stop in Moose Jaw: