Carnie's Comments


I've heard from a number of listeners who really look forward to this.  It's Facebook Friday!  I find the funnies.

This one, "Fuel prices are so high that I went to the car dealership and test drove 3 cars to run my errands.  Follow me for more money saving tips."

Here's a friend who shares, "I wonder what the part of my brain that used to store people's phone numbers is doing now."

An elderly local with this post, "There is no such thing as a grouchy, old person.  The truth is, once you get old, you stop being polite and start being honest."

We all know someone like this guy who says, "People who don't know me think I'm quiet.  People who do know me wish I was."

I like this, "The most satisfying adult sentence:  Ya, I'm not going to do that."

How about this, "Got to remember to put my contact lenses in before running around the kitchen with the fly swatter.  I just killed two raisins and a chocolate chip."

And, one more, "Have we considered that maybe millennials are lazy because their generation doesn't have a hit single about taking care of business?"