As summer highway traffic increases, so do the number of serious accidents and, in many cases, the need for blood.

Canadian Blood Services says their donations start to taper off every year, right before their biggest need arrives and they're hoping to avoid that issue this year by encouraging anyone who is able to donate, to do so at their next clinic to ensure there is enough blood on hand for those in need over summer holiday season.

Katherine Wasylynka is territory manager for southern Saskatchewan and she explained what leads to an increase in the need for blood over the summer months saying, "We do find more people are out on the highways, there are more accidents."  Wasylynka added that there are also lots of seasonal summer activities that increase the risk of injuries that will require blood.

She says donations tend to slow down just as the summer travel season begins, saying, "A lot of people get busy during the summer so donating blood isn't top of mind.  We do have a dip in our collection, so we do encourage people to come out and support our clinics and keep patients in Saskatchewan healthy and happy this summer."

The next clinic here in Moose Jaw is on Tuesday at the Exhibition Grounds but if you are not able to make it, you can call 1-888-2-DONATE to arrange an appointment.