Campers and weekend goers at Buffalo Pound Provincial Park may be a little disappointed, as the outdoor pool will be closed for the weekend, the rest of the summer, and possibly longer.

An inaccessible leak under the concrete pool basin has made it irreparable, and if even if they did go in and fix the leak it could cause other parts of the system to fail with the repair.

"So it's closed, I can't tell you for sure if that [means] permanently at this point, but I suspect that we're going to be looking at sort of what are our options going forward in terms of replacement or other alternatives," explained Robin Campese, Executive Director of Visitor Experiences for Saskatchewan Parks. "We have to consider budget and other factors like that."

The 46-year-old pool has been a victim of old infrastructure for a while now, and they hope people understand that these things can happen with the age of some people's favourite past time. At the same time, they also understand people's disappointment if they wanted to use the pool this summer.

"I think there's been smaller issues over the years and we've been able to sort of keep it going, but unfortunately this one isn't repairable and you know we do sincerely apologize to people coming to the park to use the pool," Campese expressed. "I know it can disappointing, [but] Buffalo Pound has so many attractions. It is a wonderful park, [and] there's still lots of reasons to go there."

With the closure, the park will plan to move the pool workers to other positions within the park.

All swimming lessons scheduled and paid for at the pool will be refunded, and Campese said you can call the Buffalo Pound office at (306) 694-3229 if you have any questions or concerns.