U.S. President Donald Trump, a 'Make America Great Again' hat, and Peacock Collegiate were all the focus of a social media storm in Moose Jaw.

Tony Baldwin, Director of Education with the Prairie South School Division, said a student and a teacher got into a discussion about the meaning of the hat and had a disagreement.

"The kid and the teacher had a conversation about what the hat meant that went a little bit off the rails, but now it's back on the rails and we're moving ahead," he said.

"Social media isn't a real good bellwether of reality and there's lots more and lots less to the story than what was there," Baldwin continued. "At the end of the day, it was something that happened at school and the school did a really good job dealing with it. Everyone is happy and we are moving forward."

Baldwin went on to say the school board did not have to get involved and that no further action is required.

"It was one thing on social media and some other media, but kids and teachers have relationships. Some days we have good days and some days we don't see eye to eye. We figure it out and move on and that's just a part of the business. This is nothing that is in any way significant," said Baldwin.

"The principal did a good job and followed a good process, the teacher did a good job, the family did a good job and it's all sorted out."

Baldwin added that both the teacher and the student just want to move on.