On Monday a precautionary drinking water advisory was issued to the town of Assiniboia. More details have now emerged about the situation leading up to the warning being issued.

Mayor Bob Himbeault said that the warning was given out due to a loss of pressure to the town's water system. Himbeault said that this was due to temporary water pumps failing.

"We're right in the middle of doing upgrades at our water treatment plant. We were on bypass pumps when this happened, and the pumps went down; therefore, we lost pressure, and once you lose pressure for a period of time then you've gotta do a bunch of sampling after, and the Water Security Agency then issues a precautionary boil water advisory."

Himbeault said that the advisory is not expected to be lifted until four water test results come back, something that he said could take until Thursday or Friday.

The mayor of the town of around 2,000 people stressed that the tests are precautionary in nature.

He also outlined that the $2.5 million upgrades being installed at the time of the pressure loss were now completed.

"I am pleased to say, we are now on our brand new pumps, so we don't have the bypass pumps working anymore, and that's where the failure occurred, so now we're on our brand new pumps."

Himbeault said that the new pumps were a big upgrade and the new pumps will also now have standby power to operate on in the event of an outage. Originally they had used standby pumps in the event of a power outage.