An accident on the farm can happen in seconds and have devastating effects. Chances are you know or heard of someone injured in a farm accident.

A new social media campaign called BACK TO AG is designed to help raise awareness and funds for those individuals who have been injured so they can get back to the ag sector they love.

FCC's President and CEO Greg Stewart says, "The Canadian Agricultural Safety Association will administer that and people can make applications and I believe the applications will start in the fall at their annual meeting. It's going to look at need and ability of the program to help people either get, it could be lifts or ramps or other adaptive technologies to help people stay on the farm."

Stewart's excited about the new campaign which will raise funds to help injured farmers purchase or modify technology.

"We're trying to get people to use Twitter and Facebook to retweet, to like, or to share, and to use the hashtag #BacktoAg on Twitter," he says. "What we're trying to do is we're trying to raise a $100,000 and for each retweet, like, share, or use of the hashtag, we're going to donate $1 to the program."

He says the Back to Ag Campaign is jointly sponsored by FCC, the Rick Hansen Foundation and the Canadian Agricultural Safety Association.  

The social media campaign will run through June 13th.