Good music for a good cause; that's what Music Row at the Mae was all about. 

The event put on by Riverstreet Promotions, was held on April 29, featuring Singer/Songwriters Victoria Banks, Phil Barton, and Jeff Cohen. Show attendees heard the story behind the music and the live original song. 

The concert raised over $31,000 for supporting youth mental health initiatives across schools in southern Saskatchewan. 

Amanda Olson, Superintendent of Learning, at Prairie South School Division, says the partnership really benefits the students, "we are so appreciative of this partnership with Riverstreet Promotions and the opportunities related to mental health wellness that it offers our students." 

Andy Hamilton of River Street Promotions says he is thankful to get to put these shows on, "it's an honour to put these shows together with a great group of people and have an audience who are so interested in being involved and contributing to the cause we are trying to help out." 

The next Riverstreet Promotions event, Homestand 22' is set for September 10 at Ross Wells Park, featuring Matt Mays, Chilliwack, Nice Horse, and JJ Voss.

Tickets are on sale now.

Below is a video of one of the songs performed at the event. 

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