It was announced 7 years ago that Valley View Centre would be closing...last Tuesday marked the end of that process.

153 adults with intellectual disabilities have been moved out of the facility and into new homes, with only 44 staying in the friendly city.

Bob Martinook is the Executive Director of Community Living Service Delivery with the government of Saskatchewan. He says that former residents had the choice of where they wanted to move to.

"In the process, we worked with families and individuals and asked them to identify where they would like to live and what they call home. Many residents had identified Moose Jaw as their home and their families identified that and wanted them to stay there. But many individuals wanted to move back to the communities where they were born or where their families were connected."

Martinook continued by saying the closure of the facility didn't just affect the residents.

"Since the announcement of the closure in 2012 when there were 207 residents living in Valley View, there's been 242 employees that have been laid off in that time."

But it's not all bad news...

"With the closure of Valley View we were able to maintain a number of positions in Moose Jaw, a total of 94, in a residential program in Moose Jaw which is government-run, and also to our therapy department which is being maintained in Moose Jaw."