A two-day trial for a woman accused of assaulting two police officers and a police communications officer began yesterday in Moose Jaw Provincial Court with a voir dire. 

Leah Jacobson is accused of assaulting Const. Josh McNaughton, Const. Jim Biniaris and Mary Kaye MacDonald on Nov. 25, 2019. Presiding over the case is Judge Daryl Rayner with Cynthia Alexander representing the Crown and Jacobson representing herself. 

A voir dire is a trial within a trial. In this case, the accused made an application that her Charter of Rights and Freedoms was violated. The voir dire will decide if those chartered rights were violated and, if so, whether evidence is admissible in court or the charges should be dismissed. 

Because evidence may not be admissible in court, details about what was presented during the voir dire cannot be published. 

The trial continues this morning with final arguments and Rayner’s ruling on the voir dire before the actual trial begins.